Libby and Labels handles most organizing needs, but every project and client is different. Sometimes clients don't know where to begin. The RE•START, RE•FRESH, and RE•DO Services are a helpful place to get started. Pricing is based on multiple factors and is dependent on the scope of the project and the client's involvement. Contact Libby for a complimentary consultation to determine which service is best for you.

disorganized, overwhelmed, and ready to learn.

When you can’t put those growing mountains of clutter off any longer and have no idea where to begin, Libby and Labels is ready to help.

RE•START allows for organizational coaching every step of the way. Learn what systems to create and execute them together.


organized but ALWAYS ON THE GO.

You were really good at staying organized...then you got a married...started having kids… It's time to get your systems back in order. 

RE•FRESH will refresh your systems and provide guidance for staying on top of organization.

disorganized and out of time.

You have company coming over and need the guest room-turned-storage-unit flipped back into a mother-in-law haven ASAP.

RE•DO will transform any space without you having to raise a finger.



We understand organization doesn't come naturally to everyone. However, it's never too late to turn over a new leaf and RE•START.


Through Libby and Labels' guidance and expertise, no project is too big to tackle. The RE•START Service includes:

  • 1 hour consultation
  • Step-by-step de-cluttering, training, and implementation of new organizational strategies.
  • Custom organization and shopping plan
  • Shopping for any necessary products handled by Libby and Labels
  • Donation drop-off at a charity of your choice




You wouldn't describe your organizational needs as starting from scratch, but they've been at a standstill for a while now. It's time to bring them back to life.

The RE•FRESH Service is ideal for:

  • Repeat clients
  • Small-scale projects
  • Clients needing guidance and an extra hand accomplishing their organizing goals




There's a project that needs to get done, and you don't have the time to do it. When life is crazy, you can rest easy knowing Libby and Labels has you covered.

The RE•DO Service includes:

  • 1 hour consultation
  • Shopping for any necessary products handled by Libby and Labels
  • Donation drop-off at a charity of your choice
  • Complete transformation of spaces such as pantries, kitchens, garages, closets, etc.
  • Unpacking/organizing after a move