Top 2 Organizing Tips

One of the most common questions I'm asked as a professional organizer is, “What are your best tips for getting organized?”

There’s nothing profound to it, but here’s the Libby and Labels answer.

It’s simple.

1)   Everything needs a home.

If something does not have a “home”, it floats, gets shifted around, sits, collects, and becomes clutter. This could be clothing, mail, papers, trinkets- you name it- it needs a home of its own.

2)   Label.

Obviously, I’m partial to this step. It’s essential to being organized. But label within reason, of course. Don’t go around labeling the obvious. However, if you have boxes stored away on a shelf in a closet or other hands who help put things away, then labels will save you so much time.

Start simple.

Do you have something floating? Is there a paper that’s been sitting on your kitchen counter because you’re not sure where else to put it?

Begin today with one item. If you can’t part with it, create a home for it. Then label it, so you don’t forget where it is and can easily find it when you need it.