3 Ways to Prepare for a Move

Are you planning to move in the near future?

Here are 3 things you should do now to prepare for a smooth and organized move. 

1)    Declutter. 

First off, your home will look a lot nicer and thus sell faster if you get rid of the piles, knick knacks, and unwanted items that naturally accumulate over time.  Second, don’t waste the time or money packing things you don’t need. Clutter is still clutter even if it is shifted to a new location. Do you have closets and drawers bursting at the seams? Start cleaning them out now before the moving day is set and you're suddenly on a time crunch.

There's no better time to start fresh and get organized than after moving. Even if upsizing, downsizing, moving cross country or moving down the street seems like a distant dream, start purging the clutter today. Then when the opportunity arises, you'll be prepared for a quick and painless move. 

2)    Line your shelves. 

A simple and easy way to protect your home, maintain the newness of your investment, and care for your belongings is to install liner in your drawers and on your shelves, particularly in the kitchen, pantry, and bathrooms. There's nothing worse than food stains or spilled shampoo in the back corners of your cabinets or having to repaint because your shelves are all scuffed up from appliances and iron skillets. If time allows, try to cut and install shelf and drawer liner before the boxes arrive and unpacking ensues. 

3)    Schedule to be settled.

Do you have the time to unpack and organize or will life go on just as busy as usual? It's probably the latter. Plan ahead and give yourself time to unpack, organize, and get settled. Don’t wait until you’ve lived in a place several months (or years) and can’t take the boxes and disorganization anymore or until you suddenly have to prepare for company coming to stay for Thanksgiving. 

If you know you won't have time, plan ahead and hire an organizer. It will save you so much time and frustration. Just imagine having the boxes unpacked and gone with everything organized and put away within the week. Worth it! Either way, schedule when you want to be settled by, and take the necessary steps to make it happen.